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Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Programme

A brief summary

Institute offers four year undergraduate degree (B.Tech) programme in Computer Science & Engineering. The course curriculum for the undergraduate program gives the flexibility to the students to prepare for advanced specializations. The department commits to offer a set of electives so that students can plan their academic program in advance. The course structure provides a right mix of compulsory and elective courses.

What you will learn

The BTech Program is divided into two distinct parts. A student has to go through a common program called Core Curriculum. Most of the core curriculum is completed in the first four semesters. The last four semesters has a large number of professional courses, that initiates the student to topics in Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Expert teachers
  • Extensive doumentation provided
  • Good infrastructure
  • Best learning environment

First SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
NS 101 Mathematics for Continuous Domain (3 L + 1T) 4
NS 102 Physics I (2L + 1T + 2P) 4
IT 101 Fundamentals of Computing (2L + 3P) 4
ES 101 Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics (3L + 2/3T +2x2/3P) 5
HS 101 Effective Communication (2L + 1T) 3
ES 102 Engineering Literacy (3P) 2

Second SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
NS 103 Mathematics for Continuous & Discrete Domain (3L +1T) 4
NS 104 Physics II (3L + 1T) 4
DS 101 Engineering Graphics(2L + 3P) 4
ES 103 Data Structures and Algorithms (3L + 2P) 5
HS 102 Culture & Human Values (2L + 1GD) 3
IT 102 IT Workshop I (3P) (Matlab 6 turns + SolidWorks 6 turns) 2

Third SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
NS 205 Mathematics for Discrete Domain / Mathematics III (3L + 1T) 4
ES 204 Engineering Drives and Devices (2L + 2P) 4
HS 203 Arts and Aesthetics (2L + 2P) 4
MN 201 Materials & Manufacturing Processes (3L + 3P) 5
Professional Course I: (3L + 1T) 4
IT 203 IT Workshop II (3P) (OOPs with Java OR (Matlab 6 turns + LabView 6 turns)) OR (CATIA 6 turns + ADAMS or LabView 6 turns) 2

Fourth SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
ES.../ Open Elective I (3L OR 2L+2P)
Probability & Statistics; Numerical Methods, Mechatronics and Robotics; Sensing Methods and Devices; Computer Graphics and Visualization; Instrumentation and Measurements; Control Systems; Signals, Systems and Networks (for non-ECE)
Professional Course II: (3L + 1T) 4
Professional Course III: (3L + 1T) 4
Professional Course IV: (3L + 1T) 4
Professional Course V: (3L + 1T) 4
Professional Lab I (3P) 2

Fifth SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
MS 301 Management: Concepts and Techniques (3L) 4
DS 302 Engineering Design (2L + 4P) 5
Professional Course VI: (3L) 4
Professional Course VII: (3L) 4
Professional Course VIII: (3L) 4
Professional Lab II (3P) 2

Sixth SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
ES.../ Open Elective II (3L OR 2L+2P)
Control and Robotics (2L + 2P), Probability & Statistics; Numerical Methods, Computer Graphics and Visualization; Sensing Methods and Devices; Instrumentation and Measurements; Control Systems; Signals, Systems and Networks (for non-ECE)
NS 102 Open Elective III (3L) (Management Stream)
MS… Systems Management / Marketing Management/ Human Resource Management/ Business Models for Manufacturing/ Industrial Relations/ Operations Management
Professional Elective I: (3L) 4
Professional Elective II: (3L) 4
MN 303 Fabrication Project (6P) 4
Professional Lab III (3 Hours) 2

Seventh SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
PR 401 Project Semester S / X
(6 months duration – starting from preceding summer vacations – to be carried out in reputed organization OR Research Laboratory OR Institute of repute) (The organization where the internship is to be carried out has to be approved by the Internship Board)
CS/ EC / ME 499 Professional Online Course I: (Through NPTeL) S/X
(The students have to do one course on-line through NPTeL from the list of courses approved by Senate. The course will be a self-learning / reading course but the students have to appear in one examination at the end of the semester on the dates announced by Academic Office)

Eirth SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
Professional Elective III: (3L) 4
Professional Elective IV: (3L) 4
Professional Elective V: (3L) 4
HS … Open Elective IV (3L) (HSS Stream)
Professional Ethics / Engineering Economics / Industrial Psychology/ Industrial Sociology
Professional Lab IV (3 Hours) 2

Admissions to the B.Tech.programme

Admissions to the B.Tech.programme are made once a year in July through JEE (Main) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. The minimum academic qualification for admission is a pass in the final examination of 10+2 system or its equivalent with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and any one among Chemistry, Bio-technology, Computer Science and Biology as optional subjects. The procedures and other requirements for admission are specified in the JEE (Main) Information Brochure.

Admissions to the B.Tech.programme for foreign nation

For admission of students for Foreign Nation will be through DASA(Direct Admission of Students Abroad)


Reservations for Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC) and Physically Handicapped (PH) candidates are as per the Government of India existing rules.

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