student Profile - JAYKISHAN APURVA

About Me

Interest Area

  • Algorithm and Data Structure


  • 10th Std from CG State Board in year 2008
  • 12th Std from CG State Board in year 2010
  • Graduation from Government Engg, College Raipur in year 2014
  • Masters from in year

Curricular Activity

Year/Sem Course Name Course Code Credit
2017/2nd Machine learning CS615/CS415 4
2017/2nd Parallel Algorithm CS501 4
2017/2nd Network flow optimization CS 2

Title: I/O efficient Lanczos Algorithm for Sparse Matrix

Start Date: 2017-07-30
Status: Working on
Supervisor: Dr. Sraban Kumar Mohanty

Descriptiion: Lanczos algo is used to generate sparse matrix into tridiagonal matrix to calculate eigenvalue and eigenvector of sparse matrix. Lanczos algorithm have one major operation that is Sparse Vector Multiplication(SpMV), here Lanczos algo is iterative process, So SpMV is calling in every iteration, So our task is to reduce I/O complexity of SpMV sub problem of Lanczos algo. using different sparse storage format.

Computer Science department IIITDM Jabalpur
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