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  • Software Engineering, Data Mining, Deep Learning


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Curricular Activity

Year/Sem Course Name Course Code Credit
2017/odd Mathematics for Computer Science CS531 4
2017/odd Algorithms CS532 5
2017/odd Research Methods in Computer Science CS534 4
2017/odd Data Mining and Data Warehousing CS619 4
2018/even Mobile and Wireless Networks CS608 4
2018/even Software Quality Assuarance EM668g 1
2018/even Machine Learning CS615 4
2018/even Advances in Kernel Methods EM602f 1
2018/even Introduction to Deep Learning EM602g 2
2018/even Lab on Data Analytics CS533L 2

Title: Automatic Generation of Test Cases using Selenium

Start Date: 2018-01-01
Status: Completed
Supervisor: Dr. Atul Gupta


The use cases are one of the methods to capture the functional requirements. The main advantage of utilizing UML based use cases is that they are popular in the industry. Moreover, they are slightly more formal as compared to that of textual requirements and equally preferred by the business people and the IT people. Another source of functional requirements are business rules. Since, these business rules are available prior to the requirements elicitation, reusing it in IT backdrop will reduce the effort to an extent.

The research is focused on examining and ameliorating the notions of automated test case generation in vogue. The prime accentuation of the dissertation is that assurance regarding the conformance of the final product to that of user requirements can be automated to an extent, without or with minimal human intervention.

1. On 2019-03-08, Participated at Design Workshop (DeW 2019) on Security and Privacy of Cyber Physical Systems, organized during Mar. 08-10, 2019

2. On 2018-10-26, Volunteer at 3-day conference, Conference of Information and Communication Technology (CICT) held at the institute

3. On 2017-12-09, Participated at Design Workshop (DeW 2017) on Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 organized during Dec. 09-11, 2017

1. On 2019-07-18, Awarded certificate for serving as a "Member of Student Senate" from Aug-2018 to July 2019

2. On 2019-04-07, Awarded certificate for voluntary participation and continuous service of 1 year towards " Free Education and Academic Assistance for Underpriviledged Children " by Jagriti

3. On 2019-02-21, Ist prize in Essay Writing Competition on Matribhasha Diwas

4. On 2019-02-21, Participated in Poetry Competition on Matribhasha Diwas

5. On 2018-10-30, Ist prize in Slogan Writing Competition on Swatchta Pakhwada

6. On 2018-09-28, IInd prize in Hindi Extempore Competition on Hindi Pakhwada

7. On 2017-09-26, Participated in a rally for the cause of "Female Foeticide Awareness Program" organized by Jabalpur Academia Initiative (JAI).

Computer Science department IIITDM Jabalpur
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