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About Me

  • I am keenly interested in the applications of social network information extraction.

Interest Area

  • Data Science, Social network analysis, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Text Processing


  • 10th Std from MPEC, KANPUR, UP in year
  • 12th Std from MPEC, KANPUR, UP in year
  • Graduation from IET, AYODHYA(FAIZABAD) in year
  • Masters from in year

Curricular Activity

Year/Sem Course Name Course Code Credit
2017 Data Mining & warehousing CS619 4
2017 Advance algorithms CS532 4
2017 Research methods in CS CS534 4
2017 Mathematics in CS CS531 4

Title: NML Approach for detecting abusive tweets.

Start Date: 2019-03-03
Status: Completed, working on future scope.
Supervisor: Dr. Atul Gupta

Descriptiion: I have designed a balanced aggregate approach consisting of traditional neural networks and machine learning techniques to detect abusive tweets (textual).

1. On 2019-03-08, Participated at DeW workshop

2. On 2018-07-15, Volunteer at CICT-2018

Computer Science department IIITDM Jabalpur
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